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Before you log in below, Please follow these rules:

1.  By connecting, you are agreeing that you are legally allowed to be in this adult chat room.

2.  Please respect ALL people in the room.

3.  Please do NOT advertise by joining, sending out your email and asking to cam OR by sending out your self pic.  This also includes sending out your personal tumblr in the main room.  No personal promotion.  Please respect everyone.  This is not a hook up site nor a chat room to gain followers.

4.  Please do not ask people how old they are in main chat as we will boot anyone who identifies themselves under the legal age of where this chat is based (US).

5.  If you come in and your name changes to Guest automatically, that means its been registered to another user.  To CHANGE YOUR NICK, type /nick NAME.  Example:  /nick Keviniscool

6.  Let’s all get along as friends.  Nobody can claim anyone else unless they’ve met in person and wish to date.  Have fun, enjoy each other, flirt, and have a good time ALL day long… but no claiming.  Nobody in the chat room belongs to anyone else. :-)

7.  Please do not sit “idle” in the room longer than thirty minutes.  The point of a chat room is to chat and get to know everyone… not just sit for hours and watch.  Ops will boot “idle” members after 30 minutes.

****PLEASE READ ALL RULES BEFORE JOINING!  Failure to read the rules may result in a ban.****

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