As a girl is it ok to tell a gay guy your attracted to him even if you know it wont go any where?

I think you should be careful doing that.  Some guys can hear that and be perfectly fine… and they even feel better/closer to the girl that told them.  And then there are some other guys that truly get defensive… that feel that knowing this now changes things.  It’s really going to depend on your guy.

This is a hard question to answer.  I think I would want to know if someone liked me like that… but then again.. I think it would bother me to know because I would always feel guilty … like I was tempting them when they were around me. 

So I don’t know the best way to answer this question.  It’s really going to depend on your friend.  He could react a number of different ways.  I don’t know which way to advise you.  I would maybe lean a hair more towards NOT mentioning it… as you ARE risking your friendship with him… but just a HAIR that direction… as I also think it would be good for him to know.  I don’t know.  :-/

Anyone else with suggestions?