I am tired of hiding, I really want to come out to my friends, but my biggest fear is that they'll end the friendship then and there. I believe they won't but there's that doubt that keeps preventing me on doing so. I know the whole saying "they weren't really your friends to begin..." with but still, you never know. :( Did you lose any friends or close people when you told them?

I didn’t lose anyone that was close to me.  It did take a few some time to get comfortable with it… but it all worked out for me.  I do know some people that have lost their friends over it.  I don’t know how close they were to them. 

I know you are worried… but I do think the one thing that you should remember… is that you are who you are.  And I think that the reason you’re tired of hiding is that very reason.  You’re tired of hiding who you are to people that you care about.  I understand that feeling. 

I know that you never do know what will happen…but I do think you should have faith in the people that you care about.  They love you for many reasons.  :-)

Let me know if you need anything else.  :-D