haha im the 17 year old with a 'situation', i sort of agree with you, i told one of my friends about this and she thought he was using me when he was horny too, as he'd only text when he wanted to , but one night we had a really nice text, i made sure it wasn't anything sexual to try to gauge the situation, we talked about future plans and where we want to go in life and our ideal partners and things like that, that carried on for a week, but when we went back to school he texted rarely

Well see.. that’s just it.  I didn’t say that you two weren’t friends.  He does like you.  I bet you guys get along VERY well.  :-)

It’s just you have to always remember what it is.  And if you’re ok with it… great.  If not, you know what you should do.

He does sound like a cool guy, but remember… there will be a guy one day that will be with you in EVERY way.  And when that day comes, I want to hear all about it.