Older guy who likes younger guys

Dear 16-year-old

There are of course loads of older guys like myself who like younger guys, so as our Blogmaster says, if you’re of legal age in your country, just follow your instinct.

I just wanted to add, however, that it may be more important for you initially to look for someone kind with whom you can talk and who will give you support while you’re “finding yourself”; as a very lost 18-year-old, I was lucky enough to come across a really kind older gentleman who became my confidant and mentor, and he really set me on the path of happiness — I shall for ever be grateful for the kind and selfless way he helped me “find my feet”.

So maybe just be wary of the “sexual sharks” you may find out there, and look first for friendship and support.

Just my 5 cents worth!

Love, enjoy, and be happy!

***Well said!!!  That rocks!!  Thanks for your input!***