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Another podcast!  Yay!

Time: 21:22 minutes

Cum at the end:  Yes

Just another random podcast about men, dick and homosexuality.  Yes, I know…but I enjoy the subject a LOT.

Let me know what you think!


Thank you so much for consideration.  :-D

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Questions Podcast!
Time: 24 minutes
Cum time:  Not this time

Here are the questions:

  1. have you ever hooked up with a guy who claimed to be straight?
  2. what are you tips for being a good power bottom?
  3. Are you cut?
  4. Hey Kev! I was wondering.. Does it hurt the first time as a bottom? And if it does, does it last the whole time or would I get used to it and would feel pleasure?
  5. A girl is flirting with me, but I’m closeted. What do I do?
  6. what is your opinion on lady gaga’s impact on the gay community?
  7. do you go to pride? do you like/dislike it?
  8. how often do you masturbate?

I hope you enjoy!


Podcast!!  It’s about my favorite subject in the world… DICK.

Please bare with me as I do say UMMM a lot… and there is some noise in the area… AND I had to find my microphone… haha… so now that all of that is settled and out of the way, I should be able to make more soon!

I tried originally recording in our living room and realized that the birds outside are so loud that it got distracting… so I came to our spare bedroom which is slightly noisy because of the traffic, but I’m hoping the mic didn’t pick that up much.  Lol… 

In any event, I do hope you enjoy it!  It’s all about my favorite organ in the world… hahaha… COCK!  RAWR!

Time: 20 minutes 5 seconds
Time to cum?  Yes, at the end once again

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I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday… and yes, I say wonderful a ton in this podcast too!  lol… *sigh*



Time: 24 minutes
Cum time:  Yes, at the end!  

This is another focus on what you guys have come to expect from me… a time to talk about men, dick and homosexuality.  :-) 

Check it out!

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Time: 21 minutes
Time to cum?  At the end

So there are times when I got restless leg going while I go on about men… and times when I’m doing my thing… ;-)  … too hard to tell the difference… RAWR!


I love you all!  RAWR!


Podcast!  Lol… Please forgive me.  I do still sound hoarse as I’m getting over a nasty cold.  Uggh.

Another half hour of R A N D O M N E S S regarding men from me.  :-)  Enjoy!

Time:  39 and a half minutes
Time to cum:  Yes, at the end… I don’t even know if I said 1!  Lol… I don’t remember… RAWR!

kik:  KevNCali
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I love you all!


Time: 43 minutes 45 seconds
Cum time? Yes, at the end.

Completely random but I wanted to celebrate my gayness with you!

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OMG!!  Hahaha… another podcast?  Yup.

Random podcast about dick/men.  It was a “dick on the brain” kinda morning.

Time: 31 minutes 15 seconds
Time to cum?  Yes!  At the end

It’s a random podcast about being a gay dude.  Lol… And yes, I just woke up… so I sound it.  LOL!!

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Questions Podcast!!!

Time to cum at the end?  Sorry!  Not this time.
Time:  38 minutes

Here’s what questions I answer:

  1.  If you could move to anywhere in the world where would you go?
  2. Any advice on how to find a guy?
  3. On a scale of 1 to 10 how fun is sucking cock ?
  4. My boyfriend is not as sexually adventurous as me and I was wondering how I could get him to “loosen up.” I’m sort of an exhibitionist and he is quite reserved. Thanks! RAWR!!!
  5. Do you think gay couples get along better than straight couples seeing as a gay relationship consists of two people of the same-sex, so they understand each other better?
  6. i was recently asked by a good friend to come to his place & jackoff with him, I’m not sure what i should do. any advice what help.
  7. Do you like having your man cum in your mouth?
  8. hey kev, I’ve read some posts that i found really helpful, and today I come to you with a question that you might have heard before. So I’m a sophomore college student in the processes of coming out, and I think I’m in love with a “straight” guy, a co-worker who I’ve known for almost a year. he is very charming, and very intelligent. i can talk with him about different issues. My gaydar/gut tells me he is gay but i’m afraid my feelings are clouding my judgment. what should i do?


A podcast about cum!  Woo hoo!

Time: 29 minutes 23 seconds

Place to cum?  Yes, at the end.

It’s all about cum.  Now there are many things that I didn’t cover, but I was trying to keep it under 30 minutes.  Lol.

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You’ve waited for ages to get me to record him… and maybe with your love I can get him to do more (so please LIKE this!!)… What is it, you may ask!?

A MINI podcast WITH my man Chris! :-)

Time: 3 minutes

Granted, it’s only three minutes (he’s VERY shy) so it’s hard to get him to talk much… and I didn’t know what to get him to talk about!

And you also get to hear one of our dogs, Matty, barking.  The other was asleep and didn’t want to have anything t do with it… so I apologize for that!  He hasn’t made a sound since… *sigh*

So here you go!  It’s 3 minutes of our randomness this Monday morning.  I hope you guys enjoy it.  lol



OMG… is it true?!  a podcast!!  Yay!

This one is about…. MASTURBATION.  RAWR!

Time:  38:52 minutes
Place to cum at the end?  Absolutely!!

Jerking off isn’t always seen in a positive light.  I think we should embrace it… celebrating men/dick/homosexuality… and enjoy ourselves.


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Love you all!


It’s time for a PODCAST!

Time: 37 minutes
Place to cum: Yes, at the end!

It’s a random podcast about being gay and loving men.  :-)

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Everyone needs to thank my friend because I was going to delete this one.  Lol… RAWR!

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OMG!  Podcast!  YAY!!!

Alright, nobody is probably saying that… but still.  Lol.  Hahaha…

Time: 32 minutes
Place to cum: Yes, again at the end.  :-)

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What’s this podcast about?  Blowjobs!  :-D  RAWR!



This one is about topping!  :-)  RAWR!

time:  26 1/2 minutes

time to cum at the end?  yes!  RAWR! ;-)

Yes, I know there is still a TON I left out about topping, but I wanted to hit some of the good points.  Trust me… we have plenty to talk about.  :-)

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